About Beau Gant - Beau Gant

About Beau Gant

Beau Gant makes fashion leather gloves for men and women

Our leather gloves are designed in Paris and handmade in Naples, Italy. We select the most luxurious materials, from the finest Italian leather to cashmere and silk.  Italian artisans make each glove by hand creating finely crafted luxurious products with vibrant colors and intricate details.

Katie Das

Founder, Beau Gant, Livermore, CA, USA

Katie loves art and is inspired by colors in nature and in the fashion world. Traveling is Katie’s other passion and she loves watching the world go by from the front seat of a sidewalk cafe. 

Claire Gros

Head Designer, Beau Gant, Paris, France

Gemologist by training, Claire enjoys editing gloves, working with Italian manufacturers and is inspired by ideas of her global clientele.  Claire’s glove boutique ACABA Gantier is located in a heart of Paris.  When visiting Paris, be sure to stop by: 41 Rue Des Petits Champs, Paris, France

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