Leather Gloves+Romantic Fragrance: Love Story

While doing research on gloves I came across an interesting fact: in the 17th century and later, ladies (and gentlemen) of the French and Italian high society started applying fragrance on their gloves to create a signature scent and leave a lasting impression.  According to the website Fragantica and the article by Juliett Ptoyan:  “Under Louis

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My fashion life in 4 colors.

Color is and has always been a huge inspiration throughout my life.  Here is the trip down the memory lane of how different colors matched different stages of my life. 17 and liberated (Gold) This colorful hippie skirt from India had rich ochre, black and red as well as a gold thread. It’s that gold

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Why I Love Leather Gloves

Women's leather gloves, fuchsia

Welcome to Beau Gant.  I am glad you are here and excited to share with you Beau Gant’s and my journey.  But first, here is a story about how I got into the Italian leather gloves.  I must say  that the idea came as a bolt of lightning, but there was a long road leading

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