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Why I Love Leather Gloves

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Welcome to Beau Gant.  I am glad you are here and excited to share with you Beau Gant’s and my journey.  But first, here is a story about how I got into the Italian leather gloves.  I must say  that the idea came as a bolt of lightning, but there was a long road leading to it.

A few years ago while traveling to Paris I was walking down rue Tronchet on a lookout for interesting shops.  I am sad to say that they are becoming increasingly rare: the world is beginning to look like one universal shopping mall with the same store line up no matter whether you are in London or Kuala Lumpur.

I saw a tiny storefront that looked like it housed a flock of brightly colored hummingbirds.  As I walked closer I saw beautifully displayed leather gloves, with bright colors and intricate embellishments.  Having lived in Chicago for many years I have owned several pairs of gloves but they were always boring, black or brown.  These gloves were completely different and they presented amazing possibilities to spark up my otherwise unexciting winter outfits.Glove Shop Narusch

I walked away with two pairs- one, baby blue for me and the other, teal, for my mom.  Over the following few years I came back to buy gifts for friends and family, took requests for colors and patterns (“What? I can have fire truck red gloves? Two pairs please!” ). I got to know a wonderful French designer Claire Gros and discovered that both of us are inspired by colors and fine craftsmanship – qualities that are present in the gloves she designs. 

I started wearing gloves more often because every time I looked at my hands the colors made me feel happy.  Gloves made my outfits unique and helped me refine my personal style.  I started my humble glove collection: it felt almost like like I belonged to a special club where members are not men and women but “ladies and gentlemen”. Plus all the complements I got from strangers on my gloves didn’t hurt.

About a year ago I was again in Claire’s shop chatting about gloves and suddenly just like that, I thought that this is it.  “We will partner and start designing and selling our gloves Gloves Farmers Market Parisin the US.  It will be great!” – I announced to Claire, who was completely not surprised.  I was convinced that gloves would be a great success in the US because they are gorgeous, sophisticated and high quality- all the things that American fashionistas desire. 

I decided to name my company Beau Gant which means “Beautiful Glove” in French. Starting a company takes hard work- but it’s definitely worth it in the end.  It’s a labor of love because I get so inspired by our designs, wonderful craftsmanship of our Italian glove makers, the textures and colors of leathers and linings.  I really want you to to feel the ultimate luxury of trying on a pair of well made gloves and finding just the right color and pattern highlights your unique style. Vintage Poster Fushia

I hope you are with me for this ride!  Visit our online store, subscribe to my monthly White Glove telegram- I promise you will like what you see.


Katie Das


Beau Gant

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