My fashion life in 4 colors. - Beau Gant

My fashion life in 4 colors.

Color is and has always been a huge inspiration throughout my life.  Here is the trip down the memory lane of how different colors matched different stages of my life.

17 and liberated (Gold)

Screen Shot 2016 11 21 At 3 41 59 PmThis colorful hippie skirt from India had rich ochre, black and red as well as a gold thread. It’s that gold thread that pulled it all together- it was inspiring, liberating  daring.  It’s that daredevil vibe that made me feel alive and free, sort of like gypsy roaming the world.   Needless to say I wore the skirt until it literally fell off me one day.

25 and in love (Red)

I fell in love with my husband at 25 and we took a road trip New Orleans.  We had a lovely time and I wanted to have something that made me feel gorgeous, girly and playful.  A romantic red and white simple dress felt like a right choice-pretty red and white squares like little hearts all over my dress.

Serious at the office (Living in Black and White)

Black wasPulp Fiction ruling my fashion choices in my 30s  as I worked  and went to grad school.   To avoid boredom I experimented a lot textures and patterns and finally found feminine brocades and silks that made black more tactile fun. Marlene DietrichMy inspiration were Marlene Dietrich and Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction, their streamlined architectural outfits understated and powerful. 

40’s and Free (Royal Blue, and Orange)

In my early 40’s I have finally decided to break away from the black and white attire and experiment with colors.  Traveling to Asia inspired me to dare and venture into the warm and vibrant oranges, reds and magentas.

I finally was able to admit to myself that despite my self- nurtured (and often pretentious) love for minimalistic style, I too, loved girly blues and pinks. Also, some fabulous vintage treasures, like the green patent leather bag I bought in Paris inspired me to incorporate more green into my wardrobe. 

Barcelona RedPink DressYellow Dress

What colors inspire you? Let me know- drop me a line 🙂

Au revoir and until next post,

Katie @Beau Gant

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