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Leather Gloves+Romantic Fragrance: Love Story

While doing research on gloves I came across an interesting fact: in the 17th century and later, ladies (and gentlemen) of the French and Italian high society started applying fragrance on their gloves to create a signature scent and leave a lasting impression. 

According to the website Fragantica and the article by Juliett Ptoyan:  “Under Louis XIV, Le Roi Soleil, the guild of glovers was granted the patent Les Statuts des Maitres Gantiers Parfumeurs, and the industry expanded considerably in France and abroad. Gloves were aromatized in two ways: by soaking them with an aromatic solution, or rubbing them with a fragrant paste or wax, both inside and out”.

Some perfume houses in Europe are still making very specialized lines of glove perfume, most notably Guerlain.

Reading about this interesting centuries old tradition made me curious: would the gloves+perfume work in the 21 century?

Leather gloves and MAIR perfume

Leather burgundy Italian Gloves and MAIR Jasmine and Bergamot fragrance

This is how I met fabulous Mair Emenogu from MAIR.  Her exquisite fragrance is called “Remember When” and is evocative of the sensual memory of a first kiss.  It has top notes of jasmine and Italian bergamot which create an intriguing and refined presence.  I felt that “Remember When” and our handmade gloves are a pairing made in heaven- what can make a better impression than a lady with a pair of well crafted leather gloves who leaves behind just a hint of a tantalizing and intriguing fragrance?

About MAIR: Mair Emenogu is the creator of the Remember When perfume and the owner of MAIR brand, brand that launched in October 2015. The brand uses exclusive and rare ingredients from all over the world. Remember When, was designed and crafted in Grasse, France (the cradle of perfumery) and manufactured in the USA.

Through our joint partnership Mair and I are are pleased to offer 20% off your first pair of gloves in their Classic Collection. Simply use code mair2017 at the checkout.

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